Once you have decided that you would like us to design “A Photobook For You”, you then have to decide what kind of book you would like.
We have a range of different types of book for you to choose from:

The Acrylic Cover AlbumWith a choice of sizes and shapes to choose from, The Acrylic Cover delivers the wow factor by enhancing your cover image as seen here. Our Acrylic books have a luzury grade Acrylic which ensures the highest optical qualities. The Arylic sheet is mounted on the front cover encapsulating the image between the Acrylic and the fly leaf.

The Leather Look Cover AlbumThese are available in a large range of sizes with up to 50 spreads (100 pages). You can opt for a picture on the cover or just leave it plain. There is a great selection of colours which can be used on the both the front and back covers including the spine.

The Smooth Finish Cover AlbumThis type of album package includes a 15 spread (30 page) book with a personalised cover and also a personalised box. It is available in a square or landscape shape and provides an ultra-competitive package in pricing terms and also an unbeatable presentation.

The Triple PackageMany couples want to share their Storybook Albums with their families and this offers the perfect solution. The Triple Package available in the Leather Look finish or The Acrylic Cover comes complete with one main book and two smaller duplicates scaled to size. The Parent Books covers are identical to the main album.

Personalised BoxesPersonalised Boxes are the ultimate finish for your album and are available with all of our Storybook Albums. They are solidly constructed with a timber frame. The image may be wrapped around the entire cover of the box front and back including the spine for a continuous effect or you may have a box with an Acrylic finish to match your album.

Pocket BooksPocket Books are scaled down from the main album and are available with a soft or hard cover.


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